• ONLY $ 198 /MONTH SSD Server
    • Operating System - Linux
    • Disk - 1x 240 SSD
    • Bandwidth - 2TB/mo
    • Ram - 8GB
    • CPU - 4x Core Intel 2.4GHz
    • IPs - 5
  • SSD Dedicated Server Description

    This is the ideal low cost application hosting server. With 8GB of memory and four 2.4GHz processors, web applications and websites render lightning fast. The disk storage on SSD rather then rotating media means that file access times are extremely low, which is critical for applications with a database backend. Websites which use many database queries to render the page response are much faster when compared to a server using SATA or SCSI hard drives. A single SSD hard drive is 20X faster then the fastest RAID array comprised of 15k SCSI drives and at a lower cost.

    Supported Operating Systems

    • CentOS Linux

      CentOS 6.4 64bit

    • Debian Linux

      Debian 7.0

    • Ubuntu Linux

      Ubuntu 13.04

  • Supported Control Panels

    • WHM/Cpanel

      Web Hosting Panel

    • SolusVM

      VPS Management Panel


    Hardware Specifications

    • CPU

      4 Core Intel 2.4GHz

    • Memory


    • Hard Drive

      240GB SSD

    • Power Management

      Web Remote Reboot Port

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